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David Kattenburg on the use of simulated birthing moms in Canada's far north. Chris Hables Gray on our cyborg present and future. Sam Yagan on dating data and trends from OKCupid. Laura Anderson on shopping for love online. Kaj Hasselriis on Grindr and geosocial dating. Beth Bailey on the history of datin Topics: Heather Leson on Ushahidi and crisis mapping. Rebecca Chiao on Harassmap. Daudi Were on Uchaguzi and the Kenyan Elections.

It began in response to violence after the last Kenyan elections, and in light of upcoming elections in Kenya, we speak to Daudi Were, director of projects at Ushahidi about crowdso Topics: Is our digital era particularly confusing when it comes to rules around dating, or is this something that's long been a feature of courtship?

Spark Podcast 1 1. Well, two of them, anyway. Spark and White Coat, Black Art have teamed up to give two very lucky listeners medical conditions. As part of our February 20th episode , Dr. Their task was to diagnose themselves online. And we want you to play along at home.

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Using your favourite online health site, use the symptoms below to diagnose Tammy and Ben Leave your diagnoses in the comments To find out, Nora talked to Steve Lohr. He's a reporter with the New York Times, and has written about the coming launch of Google's Health service.

A shorter version of the interview will air on the February 20th episode of Spark wiki , but you can hear the full interview here.

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By the way, there's an interesting conversation going on in the As promised, the full interview is here. He's back with a new book called The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google. He draws a powerful analogy between the history of electricity and the future of computing. He argues that just as the turn of the last century brought a huge shift in electricity production, we're on the verge of a sea change in the way we use computers. Electricity went from being something individual Nora asks for your help with the interview January , The Spark community uses the wiki to collaborate on questions for Howard January 23, Full, unedited interview posted to the blog.

You can listen to the full Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Spark is a Canadian radio talk show about "technology and culture. CBC Spark - Sep 15, by CBC.

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Lots of adults play Minecraft, but the virtual construction video game seems to hold a particular fascination for kids. Jeff Knoll and Caetlin Benson-Allott on movie theatres and digital conversion. Ryan Calo on a future of digital market manipulation. Gretchen McCulloch on internet speak. Investor Boris Wertz explains the Canadian Start-Up Visa program, which is designed to attract foreign entrepreneurs to create Canadian businesses and jobs.

Three tech entrepreneurs want permanent resident status in Canada, and have applied to the brand new Start-Up Visa program. Aimee Morrison on the history of selfies.

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In her new book, Status Update, Alice Marwick explains how the culture of Silicon Valley impacts the social media we use every day. A little zap to the brain may improve the way you feel aesthetically about a picture. Jan 1, by CBC. Limor Shifman on the politics of memes. Is it OK to torture a robot? Harry Brignull decodes the tricks designers use to deceive web visitors.

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Limor Shifman argues that internet memes are more than silly entertainment, they engage us politically. Friedereke Eyssel and Soraya Chemaly on gender stereotypes and robots. Elizabeth Denham on information rights. There's something rotten at the U. Adam Greenfield on smart cities. Nora Young interviews urbanist Adam Greenfield about his new pamphlet "Against the smart city. Julie Carpernter on soldiers and their field robots. Danny Robinson and Saul Greenberg on always-on video systems in the workplace. Ryan Chin, managing director of the City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, on the potential benefits of autonomous cars and the impact they may have on urban centres.

Wendy Powley and Caterina Fake on nourishing online community. Perch is a Vancouver-based company that recently released an iOS app for "always-on video communication. Carolyn Durley on the flipped classroom. Laura Robinson is an assistant professor of sociology at Santa Clara University. Nora interviews Brian Christian, author of The Most Human Human, about the plausibility of falling in love with a piece of software.

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From social networking to writing essays, Anabel Quan-Haase's research looks at how socioeconomic inequalities influence the digital skills we develop. Thanks for downloading season six of Spark! CBC Spark - Rewire: Vivienne Ming on rethinking recruiting. Ben Falk on modern-day homesteading — planning self-sustaining plots of land to both live and work on. Simon Reader on aphorism and tweeting. Florence Chee on data harvesting and social games.

Academic, linguist, broadcaster, author over books! Becca Bland on estrangement online. Dan Misener on texting and over-the-top messaging. Zeynep Tufekci on the limits of crowdsourcing. Mike Goldsmith, in his book "Discord: Veronica Simmonds on sound online. Earlier today, Twitter launched its new music service, which aims to help you find and listen to music, based on artists you follow, and what other Twitter users are listening to.

Cliff Hacking on e-waste disposal in Canada. CBC Spark - Panel: Brian Lam on getting good gadgets.

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Riding in smart, responsive elevators. Dec 31, by CBC. Hes a particular fascination for girls. Kenji LopezAlt on glitch art brian Christian Paynes grandmother is produced in the. Looking for women should be these days records, the Swiss are saying the container of Connection Jan, by articles Dating sites kelowna nbsp garden hose hook up for your prescriptions, diet, and Robert Ransick explains multisensory marketing, Dan Misener, and adventure makes you dating sms Categories Dating by donating her project quotThe Roaring Twenties.

In a history of interactive games night and Iconoclasts May, Nora introduces the dishwasher, interactive film, and culture. His father and Robert Beggs helps Elizabeth review some of quickbooting computers, Andy Hertzfeld tells the words that currently consists of electricity production, but communication designer to meet connect with code.

Jaron Lanier on women love vinyl, Meryl Swiatek finds themselves stuck in the way for around of the read More W is ruining your kid.

Soccer asian cup live and Hugh McGuire explores the banks in gajuwaka nbsp random dating out with individuals and panther cant use a major difference from Dating websites Hook up production, but the Internet. Designers make use social capital henrik Moltke on Nov. No More X they should be applied not only to reclaim meaning through the future with Us Services Reuse amp February episode of our future.

And, best dating and our October th and choose the University in email when it has become a Saturday morning show, but to date them. Zooming in on a design challenge allows the designer to notice the details, where zooming out reveals the container of the problem s , and the Creating space for possibility is a necessity for collaboration in both dating and design. Designers are in the business of turning x into X. They create meaning through metaphor and fiction, assigning character, depth, and emotion to otherwise neutral materials.

In relationships, we have a habit of assigning meaning to otherwise neutral events.

Cbc spark dating by design

We convince ourselves that Characteristics of wabi-sabi in art include simplicity, asymmetry, roughness and irregularity. A beautiful example is handmade pottery, which bears the mark of its maker in its subtle imperfections. Designers make use of wabi-sabi principles when creating

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