Is jim sturgess still dating mickey o brien

It's frustrating to see them miss all these opportunities. I think there are plenty of people who are romantic. There's just one little thing: Sturgess isn't one of them. My girlfriend [the musician Mickey O'Brien]and I met in a pub and got drunk, and we've been together ever since.

Jim Sturgess Has A Girlfriend Now After Two Failed Dating Affairs? Any Thoughts On Getting Married?

That was eight years ago. She's sitting in the car next to me now, laughing. How do you sell a love story — be it a romantic comedy, where the lovers end up together; or a romantic drama, where the love ends — to the hookup generation?

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Romantic comedies are scrambling to do it by mixing cynicism into the fizziness. What if the love-denying hero who's helping a loser to land chicks falls in love himself Hitch and Crazy, Stupid, Love? Romantic dramas, the sweeping, time-defying, three-hankie sagas in whose company One Day aims to be, are struggling even harder.

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  6. First, all are set against grand backdrops of war, crisis or social upheaval, which give the problems of two little people a poignant context in this crazy world. We've become way too narcissistic for that.

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    Second, these stories do not end happily. To me, a love that is cut off while it's still ideal, which fills viewers with bittersweet yearning, is much more romantic than one that carries on into the "Oh my God, the dog puked on the duvet and your mother's arriving in five minutes" everyday. But modern-day audience testing does not allow for unhappy endings. The couple must wind up together. The dog must puke.

    Jim Sturgess and His Girlfriend Mickey O'Brien

    And that's a lot less stirring to watch. There's another component to the difficultly these days of making romances, but it's one to which Hollywood doesn't like to cop: Also, in most romances, the woman is cast first and the man must audition with her, and some actors aren't game for that.

    But Sturgess willingly flew to LA — "It would be impossible to cast those two people without having seen them together in a room," he said — and was full of praise for how "encouraging and engaging" Hathaway was in his reading. During the rehearsal period, they burned each other mix CDs.

    Jim Sturgess Girlfriend

    Sturgess is a musician as well as an actor; in fact, he resembles a cuter Paul McCartney. CrackDay Terms to use Advertise Contact menu. Home Gossip Biography News. Who is Jim Sturgess dating currently?

    Jim Sturgess and His Girlfriend Mickey O'Brien

    Know about his affairs and dating history. Jim Sturgess Jim Sturgess is a renowned American actor who is most widely known for his role in 'Across the Universe'.

    Who is Jim Sturgess dating? Jim Sturgess girlfriend, wife

    Jim Sturgess dating Bae Do-Na Though the information was not revealed for two-year, both the pair Jim and Doo-Na confirmed that they were in a relationship in About Jim Sturgess's current relationship status years-old star, Jim Sturgess is currently single and is lonely at present. The couple officially began dating in , and some sources revealed that they first met in a rehearsal room in North London.

    Jim Sturgess On Tom Hanks' Pizza Parties

    Inside Story Of Bae Doona: Jim and Mickey dated for ten years before splitting in but kept their relationship out of the limelight until the very end. So the reason for their split is still a mystery. Donna and Jim began dating in the year and reports suggest that they first crossed paths when they co-starred in the film "Cloud Atlas. Bae Doona and Jim even termed him as her significant other. admin