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My friend and I noticed him as he was by far the hottest guy there. He was tall with a really cute face, good body, and was dressed really well. My friend asked him where he was from then another guy interrupted her so I quickly stepped in to talk to him. What led to it? We went outside, where we talked about ourselves and made out a little. When we walked back inside, my friend was with a guy and told us to come for drinks upstairs. Me and my friend both were a bit awkward about the situation, but we each got pulled into a bed and started making out with a guy.

I was pretty uncomfortable about it and my friend kept giggling, so as soon as he attempted to move under my clothes I dragged him into the bathroom. What sexual behaviors took place e. How did you feel during it? Did you have an orgasm? Did your partner s? How did they behave toward you?

Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? No sex, mainly handjobs and a little oral. Both of us were probably too drunk to really enjoy anything.

Drunken Bathroom Hookup

It ended when he got a call from his brother saying they wanted to leave the nightclub. He left, I went and talked to my friend and the guy she hooked up with, who kindly told us to take a hotel taxi home and put it on his room tab. What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? Did you discuss STI history?

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We never discussed STI history… Way too drunk for any of that. He was really hot. Also I was very drunk. Were alcohol or drugs involved? If so, how much? A lot of alcohol. A different predatory man plied me and my friends with alcohol earlier in the night.

How did you feel about it? How do you feel about them now? We saw each other again that weekend same stuff, nothing beyond oral and fingering which was much more fun sober.

DRUNK HOOKUP! (Story Sunday #3)

She took the treadmill next to me and just kept looking at me every out of the corner of her eye. When I got done with the treadmill I went where the weight machines where and she followed me. When it was time fit me to go shower I grabbed my bag and when I got to the door I turned and looked at her, smiled, made a you coming head motion and went in leaving the door slightly open. I waited for about a min and was about to accept that I had just made an ass of myself and shower when she opened the door and came in with her bag.

Had sex and then she washed my entire body for me lol. Greatest relationship I ever had lol. A girl answered it and I showed her the apartment. I showed her the backyard and got caught checking out her ass. She then went to my room, I followed, and we fucked. Knocked her out flat on her ass. She brought me back to her room where her roommate was fucking her boyfriend and proceeded to smash about 8 feet away from them. I was 17 with two of my friends.

Embarrassing, Cringe-worthy and Downright Hilarious Hookup Stories

Have way through the sentence my drunk ass is floating over to her. We said hi, and were walking the same way…started chatting and I invited her to join us for a walk, she accepted…. Got in house, dogs settled down in her living room and she asked me if I wanted to look at some art she had upstairs…. Got into her bedroom, saw a body harness in the open wardrobe…I mentioned I like a bit of BDSM too…she said she needed a new Dom…I offered, she accepted and we fucked for hours! Looked out my window one day to see my hairdresser and a girlfriend of hers out on the patio. She looks up and waves, I went down and joined them.

I did not expect to ever see or hear from this girl in my life.

44 Of The Craziest Random (But True) Hookup Stories You’ve Ever Heard | Thought Catalog

I bought her a drink and we hooked up and then started dating for a few months. And so we did. I was getting out of my car when a girl from the association pulled up behind me and a very pretty-dark skinned girl got out to ask me where she could park, I had no idea so I suggested she could park down in my driveway and that would be fine, albeit a long walk. By the time we were done she was like 20 minutes late and rushed off. Looked out later and her car was gone.

She asked me to come with and show her the way. Half way there she dragged me down into the grass and we had sex right there on a patch of grass in the middle of a neighborhood.

I loaned her a pair of pliers and she returned them about 30 minutes later. She then asked if I could give her a tour of the home and show her all the work I had done.

I was totally clueless and I legitimately thought she just wanted a tour of the home. When we got to the master bathroom she walked in behind me and slammed the door shut. I was wearing loose fitting shorts and she had my cock in her mouth in less than 15 seconds. We ended up fucking right there in the bathroom.

It all happened so fast that I did not have time to think. I had a girlfriend at the time and cheating is not really my thing.

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To this day it is my most bizarre unexpected sex story. There was no flirting or foreplay. My dick simply ended up in her mouth and I had no time to think. Talked to a beautiful Romanian girl for maybe 5 minutes. After we get to the bar I ask her for her name. She answered in bad English: I chatted them up a bit on the topic which devolved to how easy it is for girls to get laid when out at a bar. We walked to my car parked in a nearby, somewhat dark, lot and she giggled as we went hand-in-hand.

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If you want to, baby. So, into the backseat of my week-old car and had our way together. She gave a pretty amazing blowjob. When we were done, the windows were obviously fogged up pretty good, open the door to get out and there is a dude in a Jeep parked facing the side of my car. We were waiting at a stop light and these two guys in a truck next to my car at a stop light. The driver revs his engine. When the light turns green, we both speed off in a race only to be stopped by the next red light.

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He said to follow him back to his house for a kick back. Yeah, I banged him. We had a fun couple of days and then we went our separate ways and I would never see her again. Then fast forward a couple of years. To my surprise this happened to be an attractive female who worked for a different cable provider than the one I already had. She went through her spiel and asked to come in and show me some paperwork. I made some stupid comment about normally wearing pants when inviting strangers into my house, and she laughed. She was very professional as I sat there with no pants and no shirt.

In fact, she actually had pictures of herself on her phone in her underwear. She obliged, and scrolled too far revealing some topless pics she had. After that there was an awkward silence. Somehow we got on the topic of weed and she said she could really use some. I let her smoke up as we signed the rest of the paperwork. The paperwork had my number on it, so after she left I got a call. Of course, I said yes.

So she came over and made me chicken alfredo, we smoked some more weed, I gave her a kiss, and we eventually went upstairs. admin