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No matter how much you respect a wolf, it bites you at the end. You could be right about her but that does not excuse his behavior in the situation — remember that every time you date a girl you are practicing for Ms. Right — and while she may not have been Ms.

Right you have to have your game as tight as possible — thank you for writing — I truly appreciate it! Its not a good comment about the tuna. He tried to be funny though but it fell flat.

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Thats why trying to be too much humorous can be dangerous. You can put your foot in your mouth. I think she liked him and made an exception to date him. Just because she dated older guys does not mean there is no way she could of liked him. I dig fit women or voluptuous. Does not mean i wont go for a skinny girl if i find her attractive for whatever reason. Like everything in life theres exceptions. He did things to turn her off and that is it on the other hand she is structured so who cares. However, I never said she could never like him — in fact, read this at the end of the article: He seemed surprised at the breakup.

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But, its possible she was crazy or on the rebound, making her interest level unpredictable. Was she really structured? Or was she putting him down due to low interest?

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We cannot say, because the guy missed all the clues. Leave this field empty.

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Doc, was my performance in the dating stage flawed? Some simple feedback would be appreciated. Leave a Reply 12 comments. He thinks she has preconceived notions about him but he has no idea really and is putting a head trip on himself. Two women to choose from? Great problem to have! Also, leave the past in the past - it's all featured on the link below: Moving van with ex in it means he's in?

Right - it's all featured on the link below: She grinds other guys on the dance floor? Also, the little things matter in dating - it's all featured on the link below: She got mad because he didn't want to talk on the phone, why you need to control your ego and your free podcast - why the coffee date is good is all featured on the link below: Doc Love Club Article: Want more success in dating?

Learn the art of educated but humorous conversation https: Sexting another dude and he wants to keep her? If she describes herself as "classy, sassy and a bit smart-assy" then RUN!

Why is he being so stubborn — see below: Check out the article now: Well, consider this — you pay money to do speed dating, online dating, etc. Check it out below! How do you have more success with women? A good start is adhering to these 3 things that women want in a man! Some women will waste your time online - learn how to quickly spot and avoid them!

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How do you know if you have a keeper or not? We have 3 things to look for in a woman! Check them out NOW: We have 3 winning tips for you! What are 3 things limiting your chances with women? admin