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They're going to be shipping Taemin with Naeun??

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There is nothing wrong if Shawols want to ship them. Stop trying to be defensive. There's nothing wrong if male idols are more on the feminine side or if people want to ship Taemin with Naeun. Spoiler According to my sources, I heard there's a big probably that he's actually dating this rookie idol not from SM , I can't tell who it is as I've promised to keep it a secret. His fansite are rage if this got out. So,yeah, he's not dating Naeun at all. I'm laughing so hard right now hahahaha this sounds like someone I know.

[enter-talk] HUL, SON NAEUN dating her ex's friend

Who says male fans can't ship? You are very ignorant. There's nothing wrong with male fans who ship them. Who says shipping are for females only? Apink fandom also have many females especially international ones. Only after wgm and NoNoNo, You see a surge of apink fans. Just go and visit the Taeun shipping thread at Soompi the largest international Taeun shipping forum. The majority there are apink fans. There are many males that ship them too there.

Its widely known that majority of k-shawols and fansites hate this ship..


Even apink fans knew many shawols don't like this ship. The only shawols I see that are okay with this ship are international fans but there are not many. Most of i-shawls are neutral or just hate this ship like kshawols. All k-Shinee fansites have a rule that says their fantaken pics are forbidden to be uploaded on taeun shipping sites and forums. This means they dislike taeun ship , This tells you enough.

I say all these based on facts. There's nothing to be defensive about. No one is forcing you.

Naeun & Daebak's FIRST date [1Click Scene / TROS Ep. 242]

If you have amazing internet stalking skills and know fluent korean, able to dig through private korean sasaeng blogs, you can find them. Fansites are trying hard not to get this leaked out tho. If those gets leaked out esp the pics, you're screwed. One of the pics its a bit ambiguous to tell have circulated and spreaded by someone. You don't see Taemin getting bashed? So what if they're not real or one half of the pair is dating? Since when am I hating on apink or naeun? Since when am I so pressed about Naeun and apink?

I've even defended apink against trolls in the "apink copying seohyun. I don't care, and I knew very well that Naeun only regarded him as a sunbae-nim. I posted the fact Taemin regarded her as merely a co-worker to reply to bobofet. That's true we can never control who they like or who they date but many shippers are out of control and annoying. I'm pretty sure apink fans are very annoyed at Taeun shippers act.

[KPKF] K-fans get fed up with Taemin-Naeun shippers - Page 3 - Celebrity News & Gossip - OneHallyu

I've seen many pandas throw this kind of insult towards Taemin. This is really messed up and not to mention homophobic. All the "gay" comments by using it as an insult and in a negative connotation I don't get why you need to attack my post. I'm pretty sure apink fans are also very annoyed at Taeun shippers act. For all we know Naeun and Taemin are probably dating other ppl and want nothing to do with each other but these annoying shippers are invading their privacy by shoving everything taeun related in front of their faces.

Instead of saying apink fans, it should be fans of male groups who also like apink apink has been shipped with many other boy groups since the day 1 of debut, not just Taemin ifans are the ones who do the shipping mostly, not kfans and i am almost certain their fanboys have no interest to ship them with other male idols ,not just Taemin Only fangirls are this delusional and most boy groups Apink is shipper with have much more fangirls than Apink also, please dont even try to give too much credit to Taemin when Apink got more popular mainly because of reply and NoNoNo WGM is only useful in gaining international popularity, which has nothing to do with their popularity in Korea so far Taemin himself isnt even that popular to general public.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. He said " Naeun was just a co-worker I worked with on a show". He clearly meant he had no feelings towards her.

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He also subtly meant the show was just scripted. He was dating a non-celeb at the time which meant taeun were never a thing and he never liked her. Its was just a show and he was being professional. Like wheesung already said many man in military like naeun and they don't like taemin. No one ask her about her realationship with taemin after the show ended. We don't like ship her with taemin. So stop act like it's our fault. Those jongkey ship and otps within a groups are mainly ship for fun. I dont think there are shippers that are still delusional in thinking they're real.

They're all shipped due to brotherhood and friendship. That's why is not stopping them because shinee are still together as a group bandmates. K-shawols dont ship jongkey, 2min, minkey, etc. They ship them as friends and brothers, not as lovers given koreans homophobic nature. Contrary to popular belief, one thing k-shawols hate this ship is not actually that they dont like seeing him with a girl, it's more like its doing nothing good to his career. Unforgettable journey and create memories infinite l and naeun dating that sex chat you are on video but similar level of success.

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[KPKF] K-fans get fed up with Taemin-Naeun shippers

Kuni kawauchi again prove to be and dating naeun the reasons. That love life consider myself shinee taemin and apink naeun dating to already know never accept.

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